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"C'est décidé! J'écris mon virus"

Date: 16 Oct 92 23:59:59 GMT

From: jbcondat@ATTMAIL.COM

Subject: File 5--Making the News and Bookstands (Reprint)



(From "Intelligence Newsletter", No. 202 (Oct. 8, 1992), Page 5,

by O. Schimdt)


The computer virus "threat" is back in the news with a new study by

IBM specialist Jeffrey O. Kephart and on the bookstands with a French

do-it-yourself build-your-own manual on viruses. According to Kephart

of IBM's High Integrity Computing Laboratory, most previous theories

on the "social structure of computer use and networks were faulty":

not every machine could make contact with every other machine in one,

two or three "steps".  Most individual computers are not connected to

others systems but only to their nearest neighbors. Therefore, most

infections take place not through networks, but through the physical

exchange of disks. Moreover, many of the 1,500 known viruses are not

good replicators and many are not destructive.  Even the remaining

good replicators are "almost all defeated by normal anti-virus

programs." To advance knowledge such as this concerning viruses, Chaos

Computer Club France (CCCF) has decided to publish the French

trans-lation of "The Black Book of Computer Virus" by Mark Ludwig

"which was censored in the U.S." (French title, "C'est decide! J'ecris

mon virus," Editions Eyrolles). [...] The book contains "computer

codes for writing your own virus," but according to CCCF any such

virus can be defeated by normal anti-virus programs. Moreover, there

is no French law forbidding the publication of virus computer codes.

The book is intended for "responsible adults" and bears the warning

"Forbidden for readers not 18 years old".


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