dimanche, juillet 18, 2004

Leonardo m'attaque pour un plagiat supposé vieux de vingt ans

Vol. 36, Issue 4 - August 2003

Texts by Jean-Bernard Condat Retracted from Leonardo because of Plagiarism
Roger F. Malina

pp. 304 - 305

It has come to our attention that a text by Jean-Bernard Condat (“The Workshop of Bartók and Kodaly,” Leonardo 21, No. 2, 217–218 [1988]) was heavily plagiarized from a review by Malcolm Gillies (“The Workshop of Bartók and Kodaly,” Music Analysis 5 [1986] pp. 285–295). In addition, a second text by Jean-Bernard Condat (“Sound and Resemblance; Reflexions on Musical Representation,” Leonardo 21, No. 4, 461–462 [1988]) was significantly plagiarized from a text by R.A. Sharpe (“Sound and Resemblance: Reflections on Musical Representation,” Music Review 46, No. 1, 70–71 [1985]).

Leonardo is retracting these texts and is removing them from on-line versions of the journal in addition to publishing this statement in a form that will be retrieved by on-line database searches. We have expressed our deep regret to Malcolm Gillies and R.A. Sharpe for this infringement of their research and for any harm thus caused. All scholarly communities depend on the good faith of authors who submit articles for publication vouching that their texts are original and have not been published elsewhere. This is the first instance of plagiarism in Leonardo brought to our attention in 37 years of publication, and we hope it will be the last [1].


1. Please note that we sought to give Jean-Bernard Condat advance notification of the publication of this notice, but were advised that he had very recently passed away. While we respect the bereavement of his family, the injury to Gillies and Sharpe is not a personal one but lies in the continuing presence of the plagiarized materials in the bibliographical record. On this basis we decided to proceed with the notice as planned.

From: http://mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/item/default.asp?tid=10935&ttype=6